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The U-Spin Spacesavers - Simply The Best!
The following is an excerpt from an article found at the following page entitled


.....A large capacity will give you the ability to collect a large amount of money when visiting the merchandiser. The U-Spin Spacesavers hold between 650 & 2000 servings. That's twice as much capacity as the LARGEST of snack and soda machines. This is crucially important to me because this means I SERVICE THE MACHINE WHEN IT HAS COLLECTED OVER $100.00. In fact, we average around $125.00 per visit less 20% food cost leaving us with $100.00 GROSS PROFIT per visit. Instead of wasting our time plopping one gum ball at a time into the machine, like snack & soda, we poor 500 servings of candy in and do 2 to 4 STOPS PER HOUR...


THE ONLY TYPE OF LOCATIONS THAT I LIKE TO CALL ON ARE ONES THAT ALREADY HAVE MACHINES. Why? If a location has a machine or two or three, that means they allow them in the first place. With the U-Spin Spacesavers, we show them a merchandiser that has as many, IF NOT MORE, selections as ALL 2 OR 3 OF THEIR MACHINES COMBINED, without taking up any more space than any ONE of their machines, let alone all three of them cluttering up the place. Location is everything and the machine will make the difference...

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