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SportTime Interactive Superball & Gumball Vending Machine

Many Sports Themes Available

gumball vendingFootball
gumball machinesNasCar
bvp designHockey
sports vendingBowling
sportyball1900's Baseball
sports ball1950's Baseball
sportsballCorporate Themes (McDonalds, Pizza Hut & More)
sports vendorLatin Baseball
capsule toyKid's Super Sport
toynjoyCustom Graphics Available

superball vending machine

Features & Specifications

vending machinesDispenses gumballs, superballs and jaw breakers
vending machinesinteractive playing fields, hit, kick, slap shot...Hit the ball into hold to win. Play til you win!
vending machinesSteel Cabinet
vending machinesSteel coin mechanism
vending machinesLifetime Warranty
vending machinesHeight: 58.5"
vending machinesWidth: 13"
vending machinesDepth: 21.5"
superballsPrice: $699
gumballsFreight $75

Optional larger globe


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