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Goal of Being a Stay-at-Home Mother Leads to Successful Home-based Business

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vending success     After moving to Salt Lake City from Boston in 1990, Kathy Ruggiero was confronted with unexpected medical expenses. Knowing that she would need to supplement her income, but determined to be home with her children, Kathy looked for ways to earn an additional income from home. The solution came to Kathy in a small newspaper ad for U-Spin Spacesaver vending machine.

     After researching the company for three months, she decided to buy a few machines. She immediately saw the potential to earn a stable income and soon began purchasing additional machines. Kathy currently has more than 60 vending machines throughout Utah and earns more than $4,000 a month working only three days. She enjoys a steady income, complete work flexibility and time with her family.

     Why Do People Start Home-Based Businesses?
Financial independence is so much more than money. It gives you time to spend with family, free time for hobbies and activities, peace of mind, the list goes on. Many people first come looking for a way to supplement their income. They buy a few machines, see how easy it is, and buy more. Soon they are working fewer hours and making more money.

     The Benefits
The Vending Industry has a variety of benefits, including: 

  • No prior business experience needed to get started 
  • Vending is an impulse purchase and is resistant to recession 
  • Quick return on the initial investment 
  • Bulk candy has a high markup and quick profits 
  • Very few hours required - work a few days a week 
  • Time left in the day to spend with children and spouse

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